I’m a curious polymath, truly passionate in a constant state of learning and sharing. Relishing in the challenge and excited by the privilege of collaborating with others, to invent and implement new sustainable ideas for the generations to come.​​​​​​​

Every year we meet to discuss new projects, fresh thinking, and talk about newwaves in digital technology and innovation that will set future trends. We invite the most advanced professionals from developers, designers and business people to share their experiences and thoughts about trends in their respective industries.

Design thinking plays an important role and has not yet been maximaly embraced by business leaders as a means of navigating the constant rate of change in today’s commmercial climate. Employing these processes is an essential tool that will give entrepreneurs and organisations the edge that they need to succeed. We meet to share ideas, promote and expose new services and products, share experience and attract investors.



A half-day intensive design workshop, preparing stakeholders and consumers in using a range of industry-leading tools and evaluating theories to discover, define, develop and deliver globally emerging tactics and strategies across organizational environments. It is suggested that participants have a vision in mind, for which to design and storyboard the teachings and learnings. The participants will engage in a range of learning and by the end of this workshop, participants will be able to assess their service model in junction with their product line and system sales cycle.


Speculating futures to anticipate usability
Prototyping world-building brand stories.
Managing remote teams & cultural project agility.

Fortune 500 Consulting

Multi Sector Industries

Ph.D. Design & Business

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